Repair and maintenance

Modern maintenance concepts enable a high technical availability of your machines and plants

Anyone who wants to survive in today’s competitive environment must have their costs firmly under control and constantly increase the productivity of their business. Reliably working machines and systems are the basic prerequisites for this. At 2K CNC-Service we support you in your maintenance with an experienced team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers. If desired, we can also assume full responsibility for the technical availability of your machines and systems.

It does not matter whether it is a matter of electronic or mechanical elements on conventional or CNC-controlled machines.

Our service technicians are qualified specialists in the fields of industrial mechanics, power plant electronics and mechatronics and are
experienced in all of these fields.

Instandsetzungsarbeiten an einer CNC Maschine

Even a wide variety of different machine makes is no hurdle for our team. Thanks to our service partnerships with leading machine manufacturers such as Index, FFG Europe and Makino, as well as many years of supporting our customers’ machines, our service technicians are trained for many makes. Our team feels at home not only in machining technology.

Painting plants, heat treatment plants, washing plants and assembly plants are also part of our service portfolio.

Maintenance protects your capital equipment from unplanned downtime

Unforeseen machine breakdowns have the unpleasant characteristic of usually occurring when deadline pressure is at its highest. In addition, they are many times more expensive than planned maintenance work.

Consistent and systematic maintenance ensures that your equipment retains its value and increases its reliability. Effective and rational methods are used to achieve maximum performance with the least possible resources. Take advantage of our experience.

We develop the optimal maintenance strategy for you, adapted to your production-specific conditions.

In doing so, it is important to us to include the experience of your production personnel in the maintenance plan within the framework of the TPM philosophy. At the same time, we take this group of people into responsibility by carrying out the daily maintenance work. With this concept, we increase the technical availability of your machines and systems and reduce running costs at the same time!

Your advantages:

  • Customized maintenance strategy

  • Increase in technical availability

  • Reduction of unplanned downtime

Are you interested in the repair or maintenance of your machines and equipment?

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