The 2K Group

Neumünster – In 1995, today’s subsidiary TDK Technische Kleinschmidt GmbH started its adventure with just 20 employees. Over the years, a small repair team in the field of CNC service grew into a medium-sized company with around 100 employees. From DGUV-V3 testing to automation technology, TDK was able to expand its portfolio over the years and make a name for itself in the region. Beyond the German borders, TDK opened up further terrain at two locations in Slovakia with a good 70 employees, in order to also make a name for itself in the Eastern European region. Just 6 years later, the next major step in the history of the group followed with the founding of TDK Maschinenbau GmbH. With the construction of the PINFLOW deburring system, the company was able to open up a new field of activity and position itself even more strongly in the market. For almost two decades, both companies operated independently, but always in close cooperation.

Organization and structure

25 years of experience and accumulated know-how later, we are pleased to offer you a versatile range of services under a reorganized corporate structure.

Under the new name 2K Maschinenbau GmbH  2K Maschinenbau GmbH, our mechanical engineering division now also includes automation technology, as well as the areas of safety technology and the machine environment since
July 2020.

From the year 2021 on we will combine all services for the manufacturing industry consolidated in one company with the new foundation of 2K CNC-Service GmbH. Whether services on your machine tools, as a work contract partner or installing your new air filter system, 2K CNC-Service supports you in all areas.

Under the 2K Service GmbH, which was founded in 2010 and acts as the parent of all our companies, we also offer VdS expert testing by our certified experts.

Our development from 1995 until today

2K CNC-Service GmbH
a company of the 2K Group