As part of a partial transfer of operations on January 1, 2021, the “External Maintenance” division from TDK Technische Dienst Kleinschmidt to 2K CNC-Service GmbH. With the new corporate structure, the 2K group of companies will focus even more on their interests in the market and the administration for customers.

For 25 years of TDK Technischen Dienst Kleinschmidt many companies in the field of inspection and control of their machines and systems as well as a service provider for DGUV interests. From small beginnings there is a large corporate division that involved restructuring for a clear corporate strategy and even better customer service. In 2020, both of the 2K group of companies preferred the various coordination decisions and the partial transfer of operations from external maintenance of TDK GmbH to the specially founded 2K CNC-Service GmbH on 01.01.2021.

A particular strength of the corporate war and is to be sure and the conditions of incessant influence. A lot has happened from the former outsourcing company to an ongoing service company. “In the 2K CNC service specification for a broad service portfolio, of which in the past only part of our customer base. Nun will now make this wish known and thus also frighten new customer groups, ”says Michael Krause.

Four business areas Die 2K CNC service covers:

  1. The maintenance of machines and systems according to DIN 31051 for a high technical test .
  2. The sale of industrial air filter systems from project planning to installation as well as maintenance service for a good working atmosphere.
  3. The workforce of DGUV V3
  4. The cooperation as a service and work contract partner for machine manufacturers such as B. Index, FFG-Europa and Makino as an extended workbench with many years of experience.

    The organizational management of the business fields rights Stefan Ihms, Jan Krause will take him as team leader administration. Sven Schütt is responsible for sales and marketing for the entire 2K group of companies.